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FLOW YOGA: Expect to sweat in this strong, dynamic class. Our flow class is based on modern vinyasa yoga principles with a focus on connecting breath with movement. This workout is sure to leave you challenged and inspired both physically and mentally.

PILATES the way it should be - a combination of strength and flexibility, this session will get your heart rate going. No mats required, just bring yourself.


REFORMER PILATES is a great form of strength, postural, flexibility, balance and endurance training that can be designed to target one specific area, or as a whole body muscular exercise. It's a great all round work out to get those bigger and smaller muscles fired up. It can also be used in a clinical way to reduce injury or as rehabilitation back into training.

BARRE ATTACK: A fusion of pilates, dance and fitness! This is a high intensity, low impact, full body workout that everyone can do. No co-ordination required! 

is a form of yoga that targets our connective tissue, which includes the fascia, ligaments and tendons. The poses are performed with minimal muscular effort and held for 3-5 minutes, which is the opposite to a Flow or dynamic style class. Particularly good for athletes but of benefit to all physical abilities, Yin yoga seeks to strengthen and lengthen tissues to promote recovery and prevent injury. Yin yoga also incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine to stimulate our meridians for organ health, self awareness and buddhist philosophy to bring us back to harmony.


M&B is a 'Mums and Bubs' class: you may bring your child into the class as long as they stay in the pram. You don't need a bub to join the class though - all are welcome

 Heated Room – what does this mean? Working in a heated room elevates the heart rate, which, in turn, makes the body work harder. The increased external temperature causes the body to sweat, which aids in detoxification by flushing toxins from the skin. The heat also helps the body move deeply and safely into the postures. Essentially, making the class a more of an intense workout, designed for individuals who want to develop strength and flexibility while achieving a cardiovascular workout.

GOT KIDS? Classes with this symbol benefit from FREE CHILD MINDING! Our Child Minding Hours Monday to Friday are 7:30 to 10:30am and 3:30 to 5:30pm. Saturday hours only 7-10:30 am.





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