The 10 Rules of Reformer

  1. Chocolate Box Training or Studio Ellipsis Unlimited members only

  2. Members must book in through app (Please see reception if you’re app isn’t working)

  3. If a class is fully booked, you can choose to be added to the waitlist

  4. If you are booked in but don’t turn up, you will be charged a No Show Fee of $15

  5. Members must be checked in to class on iPad at reception 5 minutes before class and ready to start class on time

  6. If a member is not checked in and there at the start of class time, they will be charged the No Show Fee and their spot will be given away to waiting/waitlisted members

  7. If you are booked in but running late – CALL US ON 9971 5194. Your spot will be held until you arrive and no charge taken

  8. All first-timers to reformer must get there 10 mins prior to class to learn about the machine and class

  9. Members can cancel/withdraw their spot without charge as long as it is 2 hours prior to class. Cancelling within 2 hours incurs a $15 charge

  10. Please wear socks!