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About Us

Studio Ellipsis is a new movement studio located in an industrial pocket of Sydney's Northern Beaches. A concrete cocoon nestled in Cromer, it is an open space for electric minds and nimble bodies.

Offering reformers, flow yoga, pilate and barre attack, Studio Ellipsis is its own unique space and place. A place where nothing is complete, nothings is closed. A place for deliberate pause, but where change is constant and there is always something more to come...

A place for the strong, the weak, the broken, the imperfect, the bendy and the not - Studio Ellipsis is what you make of it.


Joelle Beck Smith, Studio Manager & Teacher

Joelle’s love of yoga and meditation began to evolve and grow as she sought out the practice as a remedy for both physical and mental health ailments.

One particular class changed everything and stirred something deep inside, igniting a flame leading Joelle to dive deeper into the practice and study under the guidance of several incredible teachers including Mark O’Brien (Qi Yoga), Dice Iida Klien & Briohny Smyth (Bryce Yoga) and Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine). 

Joelle feels that yoga is the synergistic unification of the self through mind, body & spirit. She loves that the practice is a journey of exploration through the physical, emotional, mental and energetic layers of oneself. Her classes are an invitation to turn your awareness inwards, explore and observe yourself as well as an avenue for creative self-expression, flowing and playing with the body through movement, breath & stillness. 

Joelle is excited about creating a space here at Studio Ellipsis that is inclusive, accessible and open to everyone from all walks of life - no handstand ability required!

"Whether you’re on a journey to enlightenment, to touch your toes or to simply Zen out - Studio Ellipsis is your safe space to explore your own path and exploration of life with the support of our friendly, loving and warm community of students and teachers".

Matt Van Schie, Yoga Teacher

Matt was told to try yoga after an ankle injury ended his basketball career in High School. He fell in love with it straight away.

In 2004 he was on the road to becoming an Ashtanga Yoga teacher after training with Shri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India, when an opportunity arose with his other passion, music.

“Yoga was my saviour on many occasions whilst touring around the world as a performing artist. It helped ground me through some tough times.”

In 2016 Matt completed his 200hr Teacher Training at Power Living. And in 2018 he completed Yin Training through Woke Yoga.

Matt teaches how he likes to practice, with discipline and focus, whilst maintaining a light spirit.

"I believe in not taking yourself too seriously. It’s OK to laugh and fall in my class".

Laura Gonzales, Yoga Teacher

Laura was born and raised in Hawaii - she grew up riding waves, running cross county, playing soccer and developing a deep love for all things active. With both Cert 3 & 4 in Personal Training and Group Fitness, Laura is currently working towards her 500hr advanced certification under Tiffany Cruikshank (Yoga Medicine) - diving even deeper into anatomy as it relates to dysfunction within the body.

Laura loves to blend elements of different modalities and find new ways to integrate movement so expect her classes to be dynamic and creative. 

Dickie (Laura Dickie), Barre Attack

Growing up as a dancer from a very young age, Dickie has always had a passion for movement. She has trained in many styles of dance including jazz, contemporary and ballet and later went on to become a teacher of those styles and was able to share her passion and knowledge to others. 

It wasn’t until later on in her teaching career that Dickie discovered Barre Attack by chance at a small Pilates studio set in Sydney. Having fallen in love with the low impact, high-intensity full-body workout that Barre Attack offered, Dickie completed her Level 1 Foundations Course and Level 2 Examination Workshop in 2018. In 2019, she completed her Advanced Sliding Discs Cert to further educate herself in her craft. 

"I take great pride in teaching classes of all fitness levels and empowering all our members through the joy of movement and good music".