About Us

Located in Chocolate Box Training, Studio Ellipsis is a new movement studio in Sydney's Northern Beaches. A concrete cocoon nestled in Cromer, it is an open space for electric minds and nimble bodies.

Offering reformer, flow & yin yoga, pilates and barre attack, Studio Ellipsis is its own unique space and place. A place where nothing is complete, nothings is closed. A place for deliberate pause, but where change is constant and there is always something more to come...

A place for the strong, the weak, the broken, the imperfect, the bendy and the not - Studio Ellipsis is what you make of it.

Our Instructors

Beth Williamson Reformers & Pilates Studio Ellipsis

Beth Williamson, Reformers & Pilates

Beth found Pilates 20 years ago when her dance teacher recommended it to help with her overall strength, flexibility and prevention of injuries. Now, as a lover of ultra-endurance events, she has found Pilates to be an invaluable part of training to keep her in tip-top shape and more importantly, injury-free. 

After studying to become a personal trainer and run coach Beth studied Pilates in order to better serve her clients & gain a more holistic approach to coaching. 

"I am passionate about Pilates because is perfect for everyone, whether they are an elite athlete or just starting out. If you come to my class expect to work hard and feel the burn no matter what level you are at".


Dickie (Laura Dickie) Barre Instructor Studio Ellipsis

Dickie (Laura Dickie), Barre Attack

Growing up as a dancer from a very young age, Dickie has always had a passion for movement. She has trained in many styles of dance including jazz, contemporary and ballet and later went on to become a teacher of those styles and was able to share her passion and knowledge to others. 

It wasn’t until later on in her teaching career that Dickie discovered Barre Attack by chance at a small Pilates studio set in Sydney. Having fallen in love with the low impact, high-intensity full-body workout that Barre Attack offered, Dickie completed her Level 1 Foundations Course and Level 2 Examination Workshop in 2018. In 2019, she completed her Advanced Sliding Discs Cert to further educate herself in her craft. 

"I take great pride in teaching classes of all fitness levels and empowering all our members through the joy of movement and good music". 

Krystle Maguire Yin Yoga Studio Ellipsis

Krystle Maguire, Yin Yoga

Krystle has a natural and unique ability to lift and shift her students energy. Her positive vibration and cleverly crafted yoga classes, draw her students in an enable them to travel in a journey of self discovery through mind, body and soul. 

Krystle has been practising yoga for over 9 years, becoming addicted to the practice during her first pregnancy and since has continued to deepen her practice and experimented with many variations of Yoga and meditation. She believes "Yoga is like dreaming when you're awake" and thrives on the growth of the physical and spiritual self, citing the interconnectedness to each other, the world, and the universe at large. 

"I try to live a more mindful life day by day and incredibly grateful for all the wisdom her teachers have given her and hopes to pay it forward".

Bianca Kenvyn Flow Yoga Studio Ellipsis Instructor

Bianca Kenvyn, Yoga

Always curious and forever questioning the nature of our reality; Bianca loves to infuse the traditional philosophies of Yoga in a modern way and weave them throughout a fun and dynamic class to spark inquiry into the self and use the physical postures as a gateway into the mind. 

Bianca has the ability to remain in tune with her students and nurture them throughout their practice whilst still holding a strong space for a physical challenge! Ultimately, however, it is that deep sense of peace and presence as we filter through the fluctuating mind states that leave us with the true essence of what Yoga truly is. As she guides you into a space where you are reminded and encouraged to tune into the healing powers of your breath, you are there to able to explore the full experience of your practise as it unfolds.

"Once we can slow down our breathing and steady our mind we can experience what it’s like to 'feel' rather 'think' and come from a place of 'Being' rather than doing. See you on the mat"!

Anne Lagerberg, Studio Ellipsis

Anne Lagerberg, Yoga

Anne began practising yoga over 20 years ago in the US and has been teaching various styles, including Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal and Children’s Yoga for 10 years across Sydney as well as New York City. Her classes incorporate subtle breath work, flowing movement, calming meditation and a touch of yoga philosophy. She uses an intricate combination of these elements in each class to challenge yet nourish the body, and also facilitate a calm and peaceful state of mind.

Anne’s greatest desire is for her clients to discover and enjoy their strength, courage, sense of adventure and inner bliss through their yoga practice, whether they are a beginner or an avid yogi. 

"I'm deeply grateful to pursue my passion for teaching yoga while raising my three young children here on the beautiful Northern Beaches".


Andressa San, Studio Ellipsis 

Andressa San, Yoga

Andressa has always been passionate about health, fitness and body-mind exercises. This passion extends to helping people through their journey to achieve positive outcomes. From beginners to experienced Pilates lovers there is always room for personal growth and continuous improvement. Pilates was “the one and only exercise” that effectively resolved a life of back pain and guided Andressa into becoming an instructor. She felt so good that she wanted as many people as possible to feel that way too!

Andressa holds a Post Graduate Dietician Qualification from the university in her native country Brazil and has completed her Mat Pilates accreditation and is a STOTT trained Reformer Pilates Instructor. 

"I truly believe that happiness comes from a healthy body and a highly trained mind. My classes are full of energy with an emphasis on directing mental functions to promote muscles to achieve their optimal performance".

Gian Caon 1296x864

Giane Caon, Pilates

Giane is a mum of 2 who eight years ago, found a much-needed rehabilitation practise (that her body and mind desperately needed) through Pilates. 

Having understood the concept of Mind, Body and Soul through her practice, she aspired to spread that same fulfilment to anyone willing to experience "contrology" (as originally penned by Joseph Pilates) as a form of rehab, fitness, and/or a way of living by elevating this practice to what she likes to call “move-tation” or meditation through movement. 

Giane’s Pilates classes are intended to strengthen the one’s self-healing abilities through movement, with a strong focus on alignment both of body and mind, to promote a self-authored “body mindfulness” which reflects both in her personal and professional journeys into Physiotherapy and Fitness. Giane has an Honours in Physiotherapy with a Masters in Human Movement Sciences and is currently working on a research piece on Musculoskeletal Health. 

"Pilates for Life, join us on this perpetual trend"!